Monday, November 13, 2006

Getting ready for winter!

esterday I purchased some winter cycling clothing in order to extend by riding season. I purchased a pair of tights, Balaclava and a pair of Neoprene booties. I figure between the indoor exercise recumbent bike and this clothing I should get some pleasant rides in. I understand that there will be plenty of days where the weather will rule out any rides, but at least I will get my exercise. All the winter gear was purchased at Performance Bicycle. The tights I bought are the Hind Radiant Thermal Tight, the Balaclava and the booties were Performance branded. I choose the Performance Bicycle Booties because I was told they have a full zipper making it easier to get on an off. I ordered 2 sizes larger as that is what was recommended by there sales staff. I bought a large Balaclava to fit my fat head. There Balaclava has a nylon mouth covering allowing better air transfer, while keeping in the heat. I should be able to ride when the weather is about 15 degrees.

©Photos Performance Bicycle

Hind Radiant Thermal Tight

Performance Bicycle Windproof Balaclava

Performance Bicycle Neoprene Bootie

My upgrades are still in the planning stage, and I can't decide what route to take. I will up this Blog as soon as I make up my mind.

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