Monday, October 09, 2006

Wheel Covers Project a Total bust!

As promised I received the remaining wheel covers, and after an hour of looking and measuring the disc covers I was unable to find two nearly flat inside covers. I found one but that is a total waste as I need two for the front inside. Well I spent a huge amount of money and time, and got nothing for to show for it. My only chance now is to have a set made of carbon fiber.

I left my house at 9:45 AM for my daily ride and was able to get 18 miles in before I headed home. The weather for today's ride was sunny with a wind coming from the North West at 2 Mph. The temperature at the start of the ride was 49 degrees and it was 69 degrees when I returned.

Yesterday afternoon my friend Paul and I left to ride down to Jenkins Beach to have some lunch and take some photographs. Taking photos at the beach can be very dry with lack of colors, sure there is the beautiful sky and shimmering water, but I like to photograph landscape and buildings. Below is a photograph I shot yesterday, and I felt it had something to it.

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