Monday, October 30, 2006

Ride report and update!

Today was my first ride since the 19th do to weather being very bad and the situation of my son being in the hospital. Last week and the beginning of this week has been passed by spending my time in the hospital with my son who had a bad flare up of his Crohns disease. He started having Remicade treatments on Wednesday of last week and we are hoping that he goes into remission. This disease has taken a heavy toll on my son and our extended family. Today he might be started on solid foods after not eating solid for two weeks, and is a welcome sign that things are getting better.

Todays ride was a short one do to a late start and I prefer not riding the roads while the school buses are present. I completed 12 miles, which i am sure I could have done more. The riding temperature was a perfect 63 degrees, and the wind was a brisk 9 miles per hour gusting to 12. I rode my usual loop and hope to try again tomorrow. I doubt I can get many more miles in since I will be at the hospital.

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