Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ride report and next update!

Today I left the house for my ride at 12:00 PM after picking David up from the hospital. He is feeling much better and was extremely happy that he went home to his own house and bed. The rest of the family is very re leaved that he is on the way to recovery. At least there is a chance of remission since he is taking the intravenous drug Remacade. My ride today was 12.6 miles on local roads with moderate to steep and long climbs. My legs feel like mush. There was a wind of 8 Mph with gusts up to 12 Mph coming from the SW.

I have been toying with the idea of replacing my rear wheel with a Aerospoke composite wheel. This wheel will add 5 ounces to the weight of the bike, but do to the nature of the wheel it rolls better, so there will be no loss of speed. Some people have reported a increase of speed, but I don't expect it. I am doing this more for the bling effect.

Photo courtesy of Aerospoke

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