Friday, September 15, 2006

No ride another rain day. Parts here and other thoughts!

Yesterday I received notice that UPS has received the wheel discs and they will be delivered on September 21. I also received the 8 disc break rotor spacers, and purchased the additional washers and star washers for the installation of the wheel discs. I am hopeful that the upgrade will be done by the end of next week. As soon as it is finished I will post the photographs of the trike with wheel discs on. I am not sure if I am receiving the discs for the front or the discs for the rear 559 wheel also. The only way I will know is when it gets here. Since Jamie from R-Sports said there were three bags of screws in the package, I now believe it is covers for all three wheels.

On another subject! Trike wheel alignment is a popular subject on all the trike forums, and many owners have come up with different methods of performing this task. I have tried using a tape measure, laser levels and even a cardboard template. But I have now come up with a perfect solution. I tried it and it works very well, but it needs to have rubber end caps to prevent scratching of the wheels and to help lock it in place so that I may level the tool. The photographs are self explanatory.

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