Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nice start after 7 days!

This morning was my first ride in 7 days, do to weather and work on trike. I rode seven miles on my local route with a total climb of 67 feet within the first and second mile. The temperature was 59 degrees at the start and was 66 degrees at finish. the winds were out of the SE at 2 mph gusting to 7 mph.

I am still waiting for my package from R-Sports with more wheel discs to try and a delivery from Blue Desert LTD. I am hoping at least one comes today. I am very antsy and need a project. I rode today with the new brake levers and find them to be very solid and the parking brake works as expected. It is real nice to be able to park the trike on a hill and not have to chase after it when it rolls away. I will update this blog if anything changes.

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