Sunday, September 10, 2006

Great riding day but not to much time to ride!

After helping Alayne do some cleaning I headed out for a short ride and I mean short. We have a few things that have to be done today so a long ride was out of the question. But since Sunday is never a ride day for me I am glad I was able to get 11 miles in. The weather during this ride was 62 degrees at the start and 69 at the end. It was partially cloudy with a wind of 6 mph out of the ENE.

This morning when I went to get the trike the rear tire was out of air. I had filled the tires up yesterday afternoon, so I think that since the rear tire had Slime in it, and I filled it Slime leaked out and clogged the valve allowing the air to leak form the partially open valve. I will keep my eye open for this since I now know what to look for.

When I purchased my ActionBent trike it came standard with Comet Kevlar tires on all wheels. I found that at the tires top rated pressure the trike handled extremly well and at almost any speed I could let go of both handles and the trike stayed smooth. That was on a releativly smooth road. When pressure was down around 80 lbs I noticed that if I let go of the steering and the road was relatively smooth there was a vibration induced wobble that would stop if I touched the steering with 1 finger. I am not sure if this is caused by vibration in the direct steering or something else. There is nothing wrong with any parts of the trike I checked it out by myself and the shop. Remember I have had this trike to high speed on long downhills with out a problem.

I then changed to tires up front to Scorcher TR tires and found that at full pressure I get a great fast ride and no vibration until the pressure drops to 85 psi. I love the Scorchers and don't plan to change unless something better comes around. I have heard that wider tires can cause a induced wobble on a perfectly built trike no matter the brand.

So my question remains is it a pressure related vibration that happens on all trikes? Or is it a combination of things, never remember having this on my recumbent bike.

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