Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another beautiful day!

his morning I was up bright and early to head out for my daily ride. The temperature was 62 degrees under partly cloudy skies. After riding s few of the country roads I headed down toward Kingston which means most of my ride was on a busy road with lots of hills on the return route. Going there were some nice downhill runs with a few moderate climbs. On the way back it is all up hill with some very steep climbs, but I was able to get up most of the hills at a slow 5 to 8 mph which I was very proud of myself. A few DF bikers I saw along the way had to walk a few of these hills. The temperature at the end of the ride was a beautiful 72 degrees with a wind out of the NW at 3 mph. My total ride distance for today was 17.2 miles.

Yesterday I received the reflective stickers I had ordered to place on the trike in certain strategic locations to give the most visibility to drivers. Today I added two more to the rear of each chain stay. I only have the photograph of the first three stickers installed on the fenders.

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