Friday, August 18, 2006

A very relaxing ride!

I started out a little late this morning because it was cloudy and looked like rain. Once the sun was out I started my ride on my local course but in reverse. Running the course in reverse makes it much harder do to the fact that it becomes long climbs that are a little steep and short descents. The other problem is that I am running on the opposite side of certain roads that only have the shoulder on one side. And of course the side I was on has no shoulder and I must cross this road twice to continue on my way. That is why I usually avoid this reverse course. The temperature was 78 degrees and the wind was out of the East at 3 mph gusting to 15. Running reverse slowed me down do to the climbs and the wind.

This afternoon I went over to the local Bob's store to buy some Nike Running socks. I like these because they are made of Dri-Fit material and they are very thin. I wear these socks with my bike shoes and sandals.

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