Thursday, August 03, 2006

Smokin Speed!

Today I went on a ride with 4 DF bikers and another trike. I was not very familiar with the route or the condition of the roads. We came to a hill which was hard to climb, but with lots of shifting I made it to the top. The WW Cruiser also made it to the top but barely. One out of the 4 DF riders made it to the top, while the others walked. At the top was a huge surprise, this hill was steep and long but I decided to go. I was increasing speed extremely fast and before I knew it I was doing 43-45 MPH, I knew I had better slow down as I was coming to a curve, I didn't realize it was two S turns back to back. My Black Widow took the hill and turns as if it was mounted on tracks, I applied my breaks and the trike took a while to stop, but it stopped straight as an arrow. When the others reached the bottom of the hill they all wanted to take a test ride. I think I have turned at least two DF riders to the dark side. I wish I knew how to get back to that road, because I will be sure to avoid it! I thought I would have to clean my pants, but I was lucky I kept a slightly cool head. The DF riders and the other trike were not really friends but people I met this morning when I was riding, and we just joined up. The ride conditions for today were 94 degrees with a wind out of the NW at 10 MPH. I completed 17 miles on the trike and another 20 in the car getting to the ride location.

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