Friday, August 25, 2006

Ride ended because of rain.

Started out late do to spotty rain, but as soon as the sun was out I started to ride. It was getting darker and darker as I road, and I knew that little bit of sunshine was not going to last. On my second loop I decided I will head back home, and I made it home just as it started to rain. The weather today was very cloudy with spotty rain. The temperature was 75 degrees with a wind out of the North West at 3 mph with gusts up to 10 mph. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better riding day. I don't know who I was kidding when I said I wanted to do at least 20 miles today, but even if the weather was great, my back is really hurting so I most likely would have done maybe another 5 or 6 miles.

I rode today using the Air-Mesh seat pad and found that it would not be as comfortable a ride as with the open cell cushion.

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