Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Long Detour

This morning I headed out at 10:00 AM for a local tour on back roads. I had done about 10 miles when I saw two police cars ahead of me. When I got to where they were they informed me that I would have to detour from my normal road. This small detour added a few miles to my route. I ended my ride with 16 miles done. The weather today was 88 degrees with a wind out of the NW at 7 miles per hour.

I noticed today that on a rough road if I let go of my handlebars with both hands I get a pronounced wobble that goes away as soon as I put a hand on the handlebar. At first I thought it was a loose headset, but further investigation ruled that out. It could be the width of the tires, or the pressure or lack of inflation pressure. I have filled the tires to the suggested 100 pounds, and I will test tomorrow. The weather for tomorrow calls for rain, but I could test it on a nearby road.

Tomorrow the camping mat will be delivered, and I could start the pad project. My only concern is the cutting it to the proper shape and size. I will use my electric knife with a set of old blades. This way my wife won't kill me! I am hoping that only one layer pad will work, but I might have to use two layers plus the Air-Mesh seat pad.

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