Friday, August 11, 2006

Into the Wind!

This morning I started my ride at 9:00 AM and planned to do at least 20 miles, no such luck. The wind was very strong at 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph making for a hard ride especially up hills. There is a portion of the route that I do locally that I can maintain 20 mph, but today I was having a hard time at 12 mph. There is also a moderate climb that I have to do which is not very steep, but it is over a mile long, which I normally can keep my speed around 10 to 12 mph but today 6 or 7 mph was more like it. After 15 miles I called it quits and headed inside. I wouldn't call it a wasted day by no means, but I was very tired after this ride, and my legs ached.

After showering , I had some lunch and headed for my local Target store to try and find some wicking shirts to use in place of a jersey. I found some which should fit the purpose just fine.

Both shirts are made of wicking material and are very light. Target seemed to be out of many of the colors, but the two I picked will serve well. The top photo shows a blue, but I bought rust, the bottom shows orange, but I bought Khaki.

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