Thursday, August 10, 2006

Great Ride Amazing Weather

I was going to ride with my friends today, but I had to be somewhere by 8:00 AM so I couldn't be at the meeting place at 8:30. At 9:00 AM I headed out the door to get my ride in before it gets very hot. The weather was magnificent, the temperature was 79 degrees with a wind out of the NNW at 5 mph. The weather couldn't be any better. I rode some of the back roads near my home, which are void of traffic. The road conditions could be much better, but for a back road I guess they are par. These roads have a huge crown, so you can't take your hands off the steering or your eyes off the road. If you do decide to let go for a second you would be in the ditch, and some of these ditches are 4 feet deep. I didn't see a sole on the road, so I was being very conservative regarding speed. I took it nice and slow so I could take in the scenery. I rode 20 miles today, and felt I could have done more, but I had things to do so I headed home.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to re-mount the rear rack. I was not happy with the two support bars, as they were mounted with an offset, and not very pretty. It took about a half hour and it looks much more professional.

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