Thursday, August 31, 2006

Great but strang ride!

This morning is the first day in many that I was able to ride, the rain is gone for at least today. I added another mile to my loop and increased my speed on average by 2 mph. While I was riding on one of our local country roads I came around a turn to see 5 deer directly in my path, I had plenty of time to apply my breaks and come to a stop right in the middle of the group of deer. They didn't even run they just stared at me. I was more afraid of them than they of me. I decided that it was time to say goodbye and head on my way, but they refused to move. A few seconds later a car came down one of the side access roads and then the deer bolted, I thought I would be trampled! This is the first time I was so close to these beautiful animals, and I felt very small compared to them. I assume that these animals have been around people many times and that is why they show no fear. The weather today was 61 degrees and very cloudy. The wind was very strong at 10 mph gusting to 15 mph. The wind was out of the North East and directly in my face the complete way home. I completed 17 miles and would have gone a little farther, but I had some things to take care of.

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