Sunday, August 20, 2006

Decals and Bottle mount came!

This afternoon the mailman showed up with a package from TW-Bents. I was very surprised since it was Sunday, but the postman told my wife that the USPS is trying out a new system for overnight mail delivery. If this works out they will have 7 day a week overnight delivery in USA. OK back to the package, it contained decals to replace the ones that were peeling and two different prototype accessory mounts. One mount was a foot long bar that had a clamp for the stem on one end and a T bar on the other. There were to threaded holes on the riser bar for a water bottle cage. This item was not usable as far as I was concerned, because when mounted on the stem it was in the way when trying to sit. It also would end up broken because people would try to use it as a handle to get in and out of the seat, and it isn't made strong enough. The second item was a small adapter to mount on the stem so that a water bottle cage could be mounted. Of course it couldn't be used with my steering modification, but with a non modified trike it would work very well. I sent TW-Bents a change I think that would make it much more usable. After trying these two mounts I tried the water bottle cage and clamp combo that they also made to go along with the smaller clamp and found this item very nice, and would correct an initial problem with the water bottle bosses on the trike front derailleur post. I think the smaller accessory mount and bottle mount will be a worthwhile product.

After all the testing of the two items I removed the peeling decals and cleaned the cross T to prepare it for the two new decals. It didn't take more than a few minutes to remove them and install the two new decals. I know I am a perfectionist, but I can live with it.

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