Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cyclist Friend hit by car!

This morning 4 of us met at a friends house to start a 25 mile ride through Princeton, Plainsboro, and South Brunswick. We were about 7 miles into the ride when the accident happened. Another DF biker and myself were about 400 foot ahead of the two other DF riders, when we didn't see them in our mirrors, we stopped and waited for them to catch up, after a short while we received a phone call from Gus telling us that Hank was in an accident and hurt. We turned around and got to them in a few minutes. What had happened was that Gus was behind Hank when he saw a car trying to pass them, Hank and Gus were riding the white line which shows the edge of the road when there isn't a shoulder. As the car was passing Hank, the cars mirror struck Hanks handlebar and put Hank into a front wheel flip. He came down on his head, shoulder and left arm and side. The police were there in 3 minutes and the EMT was there 2 minutes later. They tried to get basic information from Hank, but he didn't know his address and couldn't answer most questions. The EMT put Hank in a neck brace and on a back board and transported him to Princeton University hospital. Sol and I remained behind to load the two bikes on Sol's wife's car. We all met at the hospital after we rode home. The doctor was going to give Hank a CT scan of his head and X-rays of his side. We hope we will find out something soon. Hank was lucky he had a helmet on. If it wasn't for the helmet Hank would be a lot worse off. His helmet was cracked in four places.

Update: Hank is out of the hospital and he is a very lucky man. He has two broken ribs, and road rash on his left elbow, back and shoulder. I am still not sure he doesn't have a concussion.

Today's ride ended at 16 miles under sunny skies. The temperature was 83 degrees with a wind out of the NNE at 4 mph.
After what happened to Hank I decided to get a new up to date helmet and ordered a Bell Metro helmet, it has a rounded back which is great for riding a recumbent trike with a neck rest.

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