Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beautiful day to ride and have a Parade

This morning after helping Alayne with her cleaning I headed out the door for my ride. In many posts to my Blog I have mentioned how some drivers are very cautious around bikes and especially around trikes, while others are very aggressive. Today I had both and the extreme end of both! I will start with the parade. As I was riding down a local two way street in the curb lane (this is the lane where cars would park) as there were no cars parked a car came up behind me I signaled the driver to pass as there were no cars in the traffic lane in either direction. The driver refused to pass, before I got to the top of the hill which is very long I looked in my mirror and saw at least 10 cars lined up behind this women forming a parade. But to my surprise not one driver blew his or her horn or made a remark out the window. I figured they all understood that it wasn't me since I was the only one in the curb lane. And now for the driver that gets the A**hole award. I came to a corner which I had to make a right hand turn, my right arm was out and I was getting ready to turn when all of a sudden a Rav-4 pulled up along side me no more than 6" from my front wheel and starts to make a right turn directly in front of me. I yelled and looked right into the eyes of this women driver and yelled "What the hell are you doing". I continued to make my turn and she comes up behind me while I am in the shoulder and blows her horn twice. Then she pulls out and passes me which I then nicely gave her the bird! She must be a total nut case because she stops the car and starts to back up, which I was hoping she would do. But when I got off the trike I guess she thought that she didn't want to get into a confrontation so she took off. I calmly stood there while another driver said "why not call the police, I saw what she did?" I said it isn't worth our time! He said have fun and drove off. The rest of my ride was totally uneventful, but very nice.

The weather was perfect for riding, it was 75 degrees with a wind out of the NNW at 7 miles per hour. The sun was bright and the wind just made it cool enough that it was hard breaking a sweat.

My helmet showed up today from, it sure got here fast. It was shipped on the 8th and I got it on the 12th. This is a first for the USPS, at least the fastest that I ever received something. The Metro Helmet from bell is a perfect fit for a trike with a neck rest, since it doesn't have a back that comes down low. I just can't decide if I want the sun shade on or off. I guess I will try it both ways. The helmet is also the easiest to adjust, and fits well.

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