Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Battle against the wind!

This morning I went out for my daily ride intending to make it relatively short. The wind seemed to be in my face no matter what direction I turned. I was having a heck of a time keeping my speed constant even while trying to adjust my cadence. I was riding the white line at the edge of the road and Hank's accident kept popping into my head. I was constantly looking in my rear view mirror for a car riding to close to me. Ninety nine percent of the cars that passed gave me an extremely wide berth and crossed the center line to get away from me. There were a few A**sholes that thought it was funny to pass and blow there horns, most were in pickup trucks. It must be something in those trucks that make there drivers act like fools. I stopped for a rest at the park and while sitting there a huge dog came to pay me a visit. First he sniffed me up and down, I thought once he got a whiff of my cat he would tear me to pieces, but no he just started licking me from my chin to my forehead. While this was going on I heard a women's voice yelling Junior, Junior. Then she appeared coming down the trail toward me. She apologized over and over then tied the broken leash to his collar and said that I was very lucky that Junior didn't bite me. I told her that he seemed like a loving pet, she told me he usually bites or tries to bite, but he must really like you. Now that I was covered with slime from the dog I went to the fountain and took enough water to wash my face. I thought about what the women had said and thought to my self that again I was very lucky. First I flip the trike and only get some painful bruising and now I avoid being eaten by a huge dog named Junior. I continued on my way thinking about the last few days, and realized that life is one big surprise. I completed today's ride with 16 miles completed. The conditions today were 79 degrees with a wind out of the NNE at 10 mph.

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