Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Air Mesh Seat review!

After I rode with the new Air Mesh seat for 17+ miles I have found the following Highs and Lows.
Seat allows more air to circulate allowing for a dryer back.
The lumbar support becomes more prevalent.
The seat molds to your body on sharp high speed turns.
Two removable and washable covers, great idea.

Much firmer and sometimes jarring ride.
A lot more pressure on your butt.
Better chance to get numb butt.

To sum it all up, I have gone back to the Open Cell foam, but I will try the Air Mesh cushion again. I am sure that some will find my remarks completely wrong, but again everyone makes there own decision.

Started my ride this morning at 8:45 in order to beat the heat, no such luck. It was 88 degrees and very sunny. There was a wind out of the WNW at 5 MPH. By the time I had finished I had rode 17+ miles and finished my 20oz bottle of water.

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