Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wheel Covers and Rotor Problems

This morning I was getting the trike ready to install the wheel covers that are on the UPS truck waiting to be delivered, and I noticed the left side rotor is hitting the disc break caliper. I hope it is just a adjustment. This is not at all the order I wanted to do this project. But I guess I have no choice in the mater. My original idea was to remove wheel, then remove disc rotor and install wheel cover and see if it clears the disc break caliper. But now I have to do the operation twice. I will post an update if things go well or not. I hope the UPS guy gets here soon, this way I only have to do this once not twice.

Update #1: As of now I have the rotor fixed and the wheel and breaks removed from the left side of the trike awaiting UPS. I hope they show soon, it is getting hotter by the minute, and the garage is like an oven. I was very lucky that the rotor was not destroyed, and to my surprise the LBS didn't charge me a cent for the repair. I tried to give him a tip, but he wouldn't except it. It was extremely nice of him not to charge. I know where most of my bike repair work will be done.

Update #2: The wheel cover project was a complete failure. I was able to cut the inner disk so there would be clearance, but the caliper would be too close to the disk and rub. I tried cutting more of the disk and it did not work at all. I give up on this project. Even if I made one the caliper would still hit and rub. For some reason the way the wheels are dished brings everything to close to the rotor.


Erskien Lenier said...

What is your disc made out of of? Where did you get them? How were they designed to attach to the rim or spokes? How much did they cost? Do you still have them? Want to sell them? Did you have one for the 26 inch rear wheel too?

Erskien Lenier said...

You can find me over at BentRiderOnline.com too. I'm NextLevelMentor there.

Joel said...

They are plastic, and mount with nut and bolt. The 26" version is available here: [URL]http://www.hon-speed.com/trike_parts_catalog.htm[/URL]