Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Up early ride fast!

Last night before going to sleep I knew that the weather for today would entail many severe thunder storms. So I planned to get out on the trike as early as possible. I had breakfast and changed into my riding cloths. At 9:30 AM I headed out the door and started to ride. It was very overcast but not a white cloud in the sky, and the sun was hidden by the gray clouds. As I rode I felt a few scattered rain drops, but nothing to worry about. At the 12 mile mark it started to get real dark, and I thought it would be wise to head home. I reached home with 13 miles on the odometer. The ride temperature was 80 degrees with a wind from the South at a nice 4 Mph.

I heard from Kevin at TW-Bents that my fenders were shipped on the 10th of July by EMS Air-Express, since I never heard of them I have no idea of travel time. I think my idea of wheel covers has fallen by the wayside. The supplier wants $20.00 per wheel which is acceptable, but he also want $32.00 US for shipping which I think is high. So unless I find a better source I have put the wheel fairing on the back burner. So one of the other projects will move up the list.

I received a package today from TW-Bents, it included the fenders and a few surprise goodies such as a 7 LED headlight, a taillight, a accessory bracket, water bottle and a new type head-rest. As soon as I install the fenders, I will post photographs to this blog and my web page.

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