Monday, July 31, 2006

Tire test continues and ride report.

When I left to ride this morning it was already 85 degrees and climbing. I first let air out of the front Scorcher TR tires and then inflated to 85 pounds. I also wiped the chain again as the Dumonde Tech instructions call for. As far as the results go, 85 pounds seems to be the magic number for my weight and type of trike. Also the type of roads and bike paths I ride. The new inflation pressure smoothes out some of the road imperfections, and doesn't rattle my teeth as the 100 pound setting did. I will work on the rear tire pressure also. I will do that in a couple of days.

As far as the use of Dumonde Tech lubrication goes. The drive chain seems to be quieter and a bit smoother shifting. The chain sure looks cleaner, but my rear cassette will need cleaning soon. I will come in with a verdict after a few days of riding.

As far as my ride conditions for today! It was 85 degrees, partly cloudy with a wind out of the N at 3 MPH.

Today the postman came by early to drop off another package from TW. This package contained the new Air-Mesh seat cushion. My first impression of the cushion is that it looks similar to the HP and is made extremely well. It consists of a Nylon Polyester waffle interior which reminds me of a honey bees hive. There are two removable covers, which is real nice, this allows you to wash them out. I can't see this cushion remaining wet even after a rain storm. I will provide a test report after I have rode with it on the trike for a while.

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