Friday, July 21, 2006

Strange noise and great ride.

When I awoke this morning it had just rained and looked very cloudy. Thinking that it was going to rain I figured I would get in as many miles as I could. Not feeling up to par, I would be grateful if I could get in a few miles. I loaded the trike with a partially frozen bottle of water, so I would be assured of cool water for most of the ride. I left my driveway and headed out, before I could get out of the development I heard a strange clicking noise from the rear of the trike. I jumped off and looked at the trike very carefully looking for this strange noise. I didn't find anything visible, but just to make sure I tightened the Panniers and proceeded to ride. Again I heard the noise, and narrowed it down to the rear wheel. Of course I was thinking the worst, but after a much closer look I saw the problem. It was a piece of fresh blacktop from the school repaving project that stuck to the tire. Every time I made a revolution of the rear wheel I heard it hitting the fender at its narrow point. Removed it and everything was normal. I continued my ride under very cloudy skies. The temperature was 89 degrees with a wind out of the SSW at 6 MPH. I was able to ride 15 miles before I felt I was over doing it. I had drank my complete water bottle and was sure I would need more to continue. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better and be able to ride a longer distance. The overall ride experience was great, and it always gives me the feeling that I accomplished something.

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