Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scorchers on a Scorching day!

This morning I went for an early morning ride because the weather called for hot, and more hot. The temperature was 87 degrees with the wind out of the WNW at 8 MPH. Even with the heavy cloud cover it was extremely hot and humid. I was sweating before I got on the trike. I rode 15 miles and returned after I ran out of water.

When I got home I had two packages waiting, one was my CoolMax head sweat and the other was a pair of GreenSpeed Scorcher TR tires and tubes. I went to work removing the Comet tires and tubes, which turned out to be a very hard job. The bead on the Comets was much tighter than that of any other tire I have used. The Scorcher TR tires went on in no time, and I was out for a quick spin just to make sure the beads were set in the rims. I did notice that the ride at 75 LBS was a lot smoother than the Comet tires. Tomorrow I will give them a good test ride. I do not have slime in these tubes, but the compound feels firmer than the Comets also.

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