Friday, July 28, 2006

Scorcher TR test & Fender Mounts.

This morning I went out for my daily ride, to mainly test the Scorcher TR tires inflated to 75 pounds. I found them to create a very comfortable ride, but seemed a little slow. I have inflated the tires to 100 pounds and will test them tomorrow. I did notice that round problems did not show as much with these tires ant 75 pounds, I will see tomorrow how it is. Today's ride was 15 miles on rough and smooth roads, the temperature was 90 degrees with the wind out of the SW at 11 MPH.
New Fender Brace from King Pin to fender support

On the fender modification, I found that after many miles an additional support was needed and I designed and built the new fender mount. I will test it longer tomorrow. The new mount one on each fender will prevent the massive vibration that happens all the time. I don't think the vibration would cause any problems, but I felt it was disconcerting to me.

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