Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scorcher TR Test and Fender Test

This morning I was out on the road at 9:00 AM, I thought I would beat the heat. The weather calls for another scorcher. Today's ride was to test the tires inflated at 100 pounds and the fender mount. I found that the Scorcher TR tires make for a firm and comfortable ride, but there is a slight negative it is not as comfortable as the tire inflated at 75 pounds. The speed increase over the 75 pounds is a subjective 2-3 MPH. I will deflate the tire to maybe 90 pounds and see if I can get a slight speed increase and also a more softer ride. I am not sure if 90 will do the trick or 85, testing will be the only way to find out for sure. My base for the test was my 5 mile course which is a combination of smooth paved and chip-seal roads. I find that the horizontal cracks create the worst part of the ride.

The fender test went very well, the fenders are motionless on smooth roads at any speed, and there is ever so slight trailing edge vibration on rough roads. All and all I am very pleased with the design and of the additional mount and the fenders in general.

Today's ride was hot and humid with a temperature of 83 degrees with a wind out of the west at 5 MPH. I completed the ride with a total distance of 17 miles.

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