Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ride Cancelled do to rain.

As usual I am unable to ride today do to heavy rain. This year we have been getting some freaky weather. I say it is because of Global Warming, but that remark would be denied by certain people. I truly don't want to get into this discussion, because it brings out the worst in people.

I have found over the last few months, that if I ride at least ten miles I can easily maintain my weight and possibly loose a few pounds. I would like to keep my weight between 150 and 153 Lbs. I have never reached the low of 150, but I have reached 151, but that lasted only a few days. My back and neck does have less pain when I am in the middle to lower part of that range.

On my list of to does for the trike, I have progressed nicely. The next on the list is one of three things. Wheel Covers, head-sets and a GPS. Not sure which will come first, but I will decide soon. Of course this all depends on my finances. As far as price goes the Headsets and GPS are the highest price items.

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