Thursday, July 20, 2006

Quick ride taken ill.

This morning I awoke to cloudy but clearing skies. I hit the road to get my ride in before it gets to hot. I rode 10 miles and was within a block of my home when I felt ill. The temperature was 86 degrees with the wind out of the NE at 9 Mph I don't know if it was from lack of hydration or just a bug. I was drinking plenty of water, so I tend to believe it was a bug. I headed home and tried to sit back and relax. Again thinking about my hydration on shorter rides, I decided that one bottle was not enough and my CamelBack was too much and a pain to maintain properly. I thought about how would I mount another bottle and came to the conclusion that the best place was under the seat. I looked at the trike and found that the seat bottom was not wide enough to mount a cage because of the part protruding down. I also felt I didn't want to drill two holes in the seat. So I decided to go with a commercial solution: FastBack Systems had just what I needed. So I gave them a call and ordered one. This sport of recumbent riding is costing me plenty. I go all out with my hobbies, maybe a little extreme for most people.

This photo curtsey of FastBack Systems: ©FastBack Systems

©FastBack Systems
I plan on using only one of these insulated bottle holders since I already have an insulated bottle on the front boom directly in front of my seat within easy reach. I will mount the bottle holder as the above picture shows the one below the seat

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