Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just Returned!

Last evening Alayne and I returned from a wedding in Chicago, we spent four days there. Chicago turns out to be one of the friendliest bike cities I have ever been to. It has some of the nicest wide paved bike paths, and over 300 miles of them. The mayor is doing everything possible to provide a safe biking environment. I had the pleasure to walk, yes I said walk part of Lakeside Drive that run along the great lake, there were more people on bikes than I have ever seen. We had magnificent weather the complete time we were there. To my great surprise I didn't see one recumbent bike or trike in the four days we were there. They had many bike rental places, and free bike parking near Grant park and Millennium park, which makes for a safe biking experience. I am so sorry I didn't drive the 18 hrs and bring my trike.

This morning I found out that by not riding my usual amount each day while away it was much harder to maintain my usual speed and cadence. I did many miles of walking while away but walking uses different muscles than recumbent riding. Today I rode 12 miles in 90 degree weather with a slight wind out of the west. Tomorrow weather permitting I will do better. I gained 4 pounds from all the eating out and the wedding reception food. And I sure feel it.

Nothing new on any of my new trike projects, but I am still planning the upgrades.

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