Monday, July 24, 2006

Fantastic Ride!

This morning I met my friend Marty at his home for a guided tour of his local riding area. We were having a nice ride on these beautiful country roads, with little or no traffic. We had gone about eleven miles when I heard this horrible sound like escaping air. We stopped and I looked at my rear tire, because that is where I thought the sound came from. I found nothing and continued to ride. A mile or so past and again the sound, this time we saw the Slime in the tire shooting out all over the place. I continued to ride until the hole was sealed. We pulled over and looked for the hole. I found a pin hole where I think the Slime was coming out of. I cleaned off the area and continued to ride. We planned to stop in at Marty's LBS for a tube repair, but we made a wrong turn and we were to far away to chance the ride. So off we went with the slime sealed tube, and there seemed to be no problem. Just to be safe we rode a zig zag course in Marty's neighborhood, and ended at his house with 33 miles under our belts.

After returning home I had very little time to clean up and head for a doctors appointment. I cleaned all the Slime off the fenders and wheel and added air to the tube. My only concern is that I am not sure if I should repair the tube or just use it as it is.

I contacted Slime and there advise is to inflate tire to normal pressure and continue to ride the tube as is. If I see any slow leaks replace the tube. So I am set to go.

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