Friday, July 14, 2006

Cruise day no ride

Today Alayne and I went on a day cruise complements of her company. It was real nice, there was an open bar and a nice lunch spread. After the cruise each passenger was given a gift bag which included a bottle of wine. We were on the boat from 1:00 to 4:00 and it was an hour and a quarter ride to get there. Not a bad day at all!

Yesterday I ordered a set of wheel fairings for the front of the Black Widow, they might need some alteration for them to work. I have a hunch that the disk break caliper might be in the way, so the hole where the axle passes through might have to be made larger so the caliper doesn't rub. I will also have to mount the magnet from the CatEye speed sensor which is on the spoke now, but a small hole should solve the problem. I also ordered some jigsaw blades for plastic, so that if the hole in the disc needs to be made larger, I will have the equipment to modify it. After it is mounted I will have a decal made for each wheel that will say:
Human Powered vehicle
I will make one decal for each outer wheel cover.

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