Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The sun shines!

When I awoke this morning it was raining and the clouds were dark and heavy, but by 9:00 AM there was a glimpse of sun peaking through the clouds. But as much as I wanted to ride, I was unable. Poor me had a appointment to receive four shots in my lumbar spine. So off to the Pain Control Center I went. I waited for the my appointment for about an hour and was out fifteen minutes later. By this time the sun was shining and there were a few scattered dark clouds being pushed by a stiff wind. I went to my LBS and ordered a grease gun so I can grease my pedals and steering knuckles. I then returned home had some lunch and changed into my riding cloths. I was so glad to get out and ride, that I almost forgot my water. After my false start I set out to ride my local roads. I was able to do 18 miles at an average of 14 MPH. I also did some sprints up to 25 MPH. As usual the trike handled great and I had no problems other than that from mother nature. When I started to ride I didn't realize that it was Japanese betel time of the year and they were all over. By the time I did a quarter mile within the park I had twenty of these little pests on my chest and a number in my helmet. I didn't realize I also forgot to cinch my shorts at the legs so I had a number up my pants. Talk about uncomfortable. After all these days of heavy rain there was loads of junk on the shoulder of most of the roads, so I was forced to ride the traffic lane in most spots. The drivers seemed to understand and gave me a wide berth. I home tomorrow will be just as nice.

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