Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ride Report

This morning I had a appointment at the Dentists office for my 6 month cleaning and checkup so I was unable to ride until late. The later start makes a big difference in the riding conditions. The temperature was 86 degrees with the wind out of the SSW at 5 MPH. Being on a trike and only 8" off the blacktop I felt like I was on a frying pan. The sun was reflecting off the blacktop and burning the back of my legs. I don't know if the sunblock would help with reflected or radiant heat. I managed to do 14 miles and I called it a day. I still feel good that I rode today no mater how hot it was. I rode mostly local streets and bike paths which are pretty well paved, but a few spots where the heat has caused the blacktop to buckle it was like ridding on a washboard.

As far as the new seat wedge goes, I am very pleased with the comfort afforded by the new position. Not once did I feel that sliding off the seat garbage, so that is a huge plus for me. Depending on the weather I might take the trike over to the canal and run the parallel road tomorrow, but it will decide tomorrow.

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