Monday, June 12, 2006

Ready To ride!

I am about to leave for a ride, the first time in 3 days. Yesterday it was nice and sunny, but the wind was very strong and hard to ride in those conditions. Also lots of junk from wind damaged trees. I am waiting a few hours for the sun to come show from behind the clouds and the rain to stop. Hopefully I will get out in an hour or so.

There has been a lot of active conversation in the ActionBent forum regarding the placement of the new Terracycle idler kit. Cliff mounted his directly behind the old idler. This was done after removing the existing idler. Terracycle recommends locating there idler a few inches in front of the original idler location. The only way to know for sure is try it in each location and check for chain clearance. I am planning on trying it forward of the old idler. The idler should be here by Thursday or Friday of this week if it is sent Priority Mail.

I have added a news feed from Pedal Pushers Forum to my side-bar of this Blog. I hope that you will all enjoy it.

UPDATE: The rain stopped and I headed out for my ride. I had gone about 10 miles when I ran into a friend on his Bike E and we rode together for another 10 miles making my total for today 20 miles. The temperature was 72 degrees with a wind out of the NW at 4 MPH perfect riding weather. I had a crash today with no damage to the trike, but I received two nasty cuts. These cuts have been bleeding for a while, but it seems to be slowing down. I was forced into a pile of garbage by a women driving with one hand and talking on the phone. What gets me mad is that she left without seeing if I was OK. Well the ride turned out beautiful and that is all that counts.

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