Monday, June 26, 2006

Rain Keeps Falling!

Well today seems to be another day that my ride has been washed out by rain. Right now it is pouring and the temperature is a beautiful 73 degrees. Nice temperature to ride in but not with this rain. I am so depressed, between the weather and the way my back feels, I am having a horrible day, and it just started.

The nice part of the day came when my daughter sent me a gift certificate from EBay, and I promptly ordered the CatEye LD1000 tail light. That will now eliminate my fear of not being seen. As my last post said , I was planning to get a mini lawn sail for the trike, but I think I am going to opt for something less ostentatious. My idea is to have a dual sided flag made with the MARS HPV logo on both sides of an orange flag. The flag will be triangle and approximately. 11"X14". I am going to post the picture of the club logo. I think with the flag of this size I will be able to remove the two smaller flags, or maybe just one of them.

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