Monday, June 05, 2006

Rain Drops Keep Falling!

This morning I awoke to a temperture of 59 degrees and damp. Yesterday was also cool, but I would have taken a ride anyway but spent the day with my wife. At 10:00 AM it was 65 degrees so I decided to ride even with the dark storm clouds. I checked my tires and adjusted the rear derailleur then headed out. The wind was very lite at 4 MPH coming from the NNE. I had 6 miles into the ride when I felt rain drops, and saw the storm clouds heading my way so I headed back to the barn. I made it just in time to see the sky opened up and rain start to fall.

Nothing new on the Garmin GPS issue, but I should have it resolved soon. I ma thinking about getting the Terracycle idler kit, but the price is high at $159.00 US.

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