Monday, June 19, 2006

Hot Weather thoughts!

Yesterday was Father's Day and I didn't get out to ride, maybe it was a good thing because it was extremely hot and humid. I ordered a seat wedge that goes under the cushion at the bottom of the seat. This wedge creates a high portion at the front of the seat and it helps to prevent you from sliding off the front edge of the seat. This wedge was ordered from, a very large recumbent dealer. I also ordered a pair of recumbent shorts from them also. I am also thinking about the visibility of the trike during daylight, and found a Strobe light made by Lightman products. It is not expensive and with a little bit of modification I can mount it at the back of the Black Widow. This light is very bright and it would increase my visibility to other drivers. I just have to decide what color, clear or amber.

I took delivery today of a small 5 LED headlight for the front of the trike. I don't plan to drive at night, but it has a flashing mode for daylight riding. This along with the rear strobe will make my trike stand out even in the daylight. This light works with 4 AAA batteries and runs 150 hours in flashing mode and 40 hours in constant mode. It is also waterproof including the two way switch. The light is designed to be seen from 360 degrees.

I plan to ride in a little while to avoid the heat, but I am not moving very fast this morning. I will add an UPDATE section when I ride.

UPDATE: Well I sure know now what the expression "Sweat gets in you eyes" means. I was at 12 miles and my eyes were burning to such an extent I couldn't handle it any more. I tried washing my face with the drinking water, but that worked for five minutes. I forgot my sweat band at home. I won't forget that again. The heat off the blacktop was oppressive and the humidity high. The temperature was 86 degrees with a wind out of the SSW at 7 MPH. Just came out of the shower and feel 100% better. My strength said keep riding, but my head said you have had enough.

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