Friday, June 30, 2006

Extra Post today!

Early this afternoon I headed for the park bike trail which is two mile ride from home. I got there to find many of the people that I normally see leaving, I wondered why, but didn't ask. I found out after riding the path for a few yards, the Japanese beetles were swarming, and there were thousands of them. They were in my hair, helmet and clinging to my shirt and pants. I had to put my hand under the cinches to remove a handful of these critters. I of course left the park and rode the remaining 12 miles on local roads. Turned out to be a real nice ride. It was a little hot but no humidity. The temperature was 81 degrees with a wind out of the North at 8 MPH.

When I got home from my ride I had a surprise waiting in my mail box. The custom flag I had made at Devil Woman Flags was there. I was very excited to see how it came out. I spent $15.00 US for the flag embroidered on both sides and an additional $2.50 for shipping. I ordered it on Monday and received it on Friday. Not a bad turn around time. It took a few minutes to install on my whip, and I had to take pictures and add it to my web page . I feel the cost was a great value for the money, and I do recommend her for other flags.

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