Saturday, June 24, 2006

Called because of rain!

It looks like rain is in the forecast for the next 4 or more days. Monday and Tuesday call for possible scattered showers and Wednesday looks like I might be able to ride. I am bored silly, and expect to be worse by tomorrow. This weather is a killer for my back, and not riding makes it even stiffer and more painful.

As I mentioned in a few previous posts that I am interested in a few possible choices for a bright daylight taillight. The Lightman +Strobe and the CatEye LD1000 were my prime choices. But as it stands now the CatEye has taken the lead as the taillight that I will purchase. I have become very aware that visibility while riding my trike is of great importance and I have to do what is necessary to make me and the trike more visible to people around me. I have also been following many posts on Bent rider Online forum regarding flags and helmets, and of my current position. I know a helmet is very necessary and there should be a law requiring all people on bikes to wear them. I know that this is a very sticky subject but I stand by my guns regarding this subject. I have also been toying with removing the flags and replacing them with a Mini Lawn Sail such as the ones on the Kites Online. The first on the list is the color of my choosing. I will make a decision and a purchase in the next week regarding the subject.

Another project I am thinking about is the addition of wheel fairing to the front of the trike. My only problem is finding them, and ones that are suitable to wheels with disc brakes. I guess I have too much time on my hands and I have an addiction to the trike and how I can improvement of it.

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